China is the largest country in the world, occupying over nine million square kilometers or almost three million square miles. Its population is 1.4 billion, making it the most populous country in the world. By contrast, the US has a population of 1.1 billion, which is less than half of the size of China’s. It is also the most populated country in the world, with a land area of nine million square kilometers (3.6million sq miles), which is the same size as the United States.

The United States and China are both large countries, but the latter is more populated. The population of China is three times greater than the population of New York City. In addition, China has more than a thousand cities, including Shanghai, which has more than two million people. That means that, despite the smaller size of the United States, it is still a very densely-populated country. In terms of area, the United State is about 1.1 times larger than the population of the People’s Republic of Korea and the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the United States and China are not the only countries that are large. In fact, the United States is dwarfed by three countries in terms of land area, but it makes up for it in population. More than 100 cities in China have populations over one million people, including Tianjin, which is twice the size of New York. However, the Chinese population doesn’t dominate the most populated cities in the world.

Although the United States has a larger total area than China, it is considerably smaller than its eastern neighbor. The United States has an overall land area of 3.8 million square miles, whereas China occupies 3.7 million square miles. This is not including numerous undisputed territories. Rather, the United States is bigger than its eastern counterpart. So, the question is: how big is the United State? You may have been wondering, but there is no need to worry, since China is huge!

Compared to the United States, China is a larger country. The area of Canada is 9.984 million sq km, while the size of the United States is a mere 1.735 million sq. The size of Greenland is 2.2% larger than the United States, and the latter is the fourth largest country in the world. If you’d like to compare the two, try using the online map below.

In terms of size, China is bigger than the United States. In terms of land mass, the United States is slightly smaller than the United Kingdom, but it more than makes up for it in population. In fact, China has more than a million people in each city, making it bigger than the U.S., and the world’s most populous city is Beijing. By the same token, China is not a crowded country.

In terms of total area, China is smaller than the United States, but it is larger than the UK. In terms of land area, the United States has a larger land area than the UK. By comparison, the US has a smaller land area than the UK, and China has a significantly greater population. Hence, it is more populous than the UK. If you’re thinking about how big is China, consider the size of the capital city of the country.

The United States is the largest country in the world, but it is dwarfed by three other countries in terms of land mass. By contrast, China is the largest nation in terms of population. Its cities are bigger than the United States, with Tianjin being twice as large as New York. Moreover, there are more than a hundred million people in each city. Despite the size of the country, it is not one of the most populated countries in the world.

The United States has a much larger total land area than China, but it is smaller in terms of population. In terms of population, China is slightly larger than the US. Its capital city is Washington, while China has its own government and many unclaimed territories. But the size of each country is different. The countries are both vast, with some being bigger than others. In addition, China has a significantly higher density of people per capita than the US.