You can log in to the National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System for enterprise information inquiries and check if a Chinese company is legitimate. 

The National Enterprise Credit Information Public Notice System (National Enterprise Credit Information Public Notice System) went online in February 2014.

The public disclosure’s main contents include the registration of market entities, licensing approval, annual reports, administrative penalties, random inspection results, abnormal business status, and other information.

A. Query information description

1, the system public information from the administrative departments for industry and commerce, other government departments and market entities, government departments, and market entities are responsible for their general information authenticity.

2, the system’s use, if there are problems, you can call the market subject in the province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System home page below the business advisory telephone or technical support telephone.

B. The scope of inquiry

All commercial entities registered with the industrial and commercial authorities at all levels (including all types of market entities registered following the traditional registration model)

C. The query mode

(a) Enter the enterprise registration number query.

(B) enter the full name of the enterprise or fuzzy query of the enterprise name keywords. Unclear question results in more than five records. You can enter more precise query conditions for re-query.

(C) input the unified social credit code query.

Through the system can be queried by the business public information.

1, Registration information

Including basic enterprise information, investor information, and enterprise change information.

2, the record information

Including the main personnel information and branch information.

3, Administrative punishment information

Including enterprises for violations of industrial and commercial administrative laws and regulations by the business sector to make the record of punishment.

4, Commercial entities public information

Commercial entities mainly submit this part of the information following the annual report’s provisions, public communication, and information on obtaining permission. Commercial entities are responsible for the authenticity and legality of the information provided.

Enterprises that cannot be found on the AIC website may indicate that:

1, the enterprise is not legal, irregular, or in violation of the law

2, the enterprise has just been established, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, enterprise check cat, and other websites have not been updated, which does not mean that it is not legal.

3, is a government agency, social organization institutions.

4, Enterprise name or registration number input error. Please double-check the input after the query.