What is China badam? China badam and China almond may seem to be the same but China almond is also called China badam.

China almonds are from India and China which have been dried up in the sun to make them crispy, tasty, and rich in smell. China almonds are used to add taste to Indian sweets.

In today’s world, China almonds have become a rare item because they can be produced by other technology available technology at a cheaper price without going for the traditional way of production of these almonds.

It is said that during the olden days nuts were cultivated on trees but now nut cultivation is done on the ground easily accessible by everyone.

China Badam/Almonds

These nuts look similar to Cobnut or hazelnut but they are not at all related to these nuts. China almonds are rich in protein, carbohydrates and also contain fat.

China badams are rich in proteins which are good for heart patients because it lessens the cholesterol level.

China almond is very tasty whereas China almond milk is milky white which can be used to make different types of sweets like China badam halwa, China badam payasam (sweet pudding) & China badam kheer (rice pudding).

Today’s generation uses China almond milk mixed with other milk like cow milk or buffalo milk by diluting this China almond milk to get a taste of olden days.

China Almond Milk

These nuts are highly nutritious, healthy, and delicious too because they do not cause health problems like other nuts.

They can be consumed by diabetic patients too without the fear of increasing the sugar level in the blood.

China almonds have high oil content which can be used to face massage also because China almond plays a vital role in building strong tissues and it nourishes the skin.

China almond milk is widely used to prepare different types of China desserts like China halwa, China payasam, China kheer, etc.

China Almonds are very effective for acne or pimples problems. China almonds are rich in antioxidants which help to remove free radicals from the body which cause harm to cells thus prevent aging & reduce wrinkles on the face.

Some people use China’s almond paste as toothpaste because it contains antibacterial properties that fight against cavity-causing bacteria.

It is necessary that one should clean his teeth on regular basis with China almonds to get shiny white teeth without any disease. China almond milk contains a high amount of calcium that is essential for healthy bones.

For having China desserts like China halwa, China payasam or China kheer one should have China almond milk & China badam which makes the dish more tasty and rich in taste.

These nuts are highly beneficial in preventing many diseases because they increase the immunity level.

China Almond Paste

Did you ever think about China almond paste? Are you curious to know how it tastes? It can be used as a spread on bread, crackers, or rice cakes which enhances its taste after adding little salt or sugar according to choice.

China almond paste is basically made from organic China almonds which are ground finely and mixed with a little amount of China almond milk.

China almond paste is 100% natural and does not contain any added preservatives or artificial flavors which makes China almond paste so tasty and healthy too.

China almonds can be taken as baby food because China baby milk is made by grinding China almonds and adding China almond milk to it after straining the mixture.

China almond paste is mainly used as an appetizer that helps in increasing appetite levels naturally without using any harmful medicines.

China Almond Paste Recipe

Ingredients:  – 1/4 cup organic China almonds (soak them for 3 hours)

– 1 tsp organic honey (if required) How to make: – Soak China almonds in clean water for 3 hours, China almonds will double their quantity after soaking China almonds.

– After 3 hours China almonds become soft and China almond skin starts slipping from China almonds, remove China almond skin by putting it in a salad spinner (if China almonds are not soaked for a long time China almond skin may not come out).

– Put China almonds in a mixer jar and grind them into a smooth paste without adding any water.

– After grinding China almonds add a little amount of china almond milk to get desired thickness & mix properly.

– If you want you can add a little amount of honey and mix properly. – Serve with bread toast, rice cakes, or crackers like appetizers.