What is express service for a Chinese visa?

Chinese express visa usually takes three days, and express service in most countries takes only one day. Express services are a luxury to be able to use a shorter time than ordinary visas.

Recently, it has been very popular with foreign nationals when going abroad due to the convenience of the visa process. Therefore, many embassies have started offering express services in addition to general procedures.

However, not all embassies offer express service for Chinese visas. In some cases, express service may cost more money or require additional documents in order for your application to be accepted by China’s embassy.

When applying for an express visa you must complete the application beforehand at home and collect completed applications from designated locations such as post offices or online.

You must submit your express visa application in person to the embassy, and you will need all required documents for express service.

When applying for express visas at China embassies abroad, express services are usually only offered to applicants who require this service.

At that time, express services can be paid in addition to the regular fees for a Chinese visa or beforehand by bank transfer. The extra cost of express service is about 50-200 dollars depending on the country where you apply for an express visa.

It is not possible to refuse express services if you do not meet the requirements of the applicant’s eligibility criteria such as age, health status, or travel period (within 30 days).

However, it may be necessary to pay additional fees when applying for express visas in some countries.

It is always a good idea to ask the express service staff at your country’s embassy before going to their office. You can also contact us for more information about express services and additional information.

Please note that express visa procedures may change depending on the situation of embassies, so express service fees and requirements may be changed without prior notice from China’s embassy in your country.

Current express service requirements can be found on official websites or Chinese embassies abroad.

In most cases, it will take three working days to get a Chinese visa after being submitted by the express procedure.

But it could take longer than this if there are any problems with your application materials such as photo images or signature.