When you think about China, what comes to mind? Historically, the wealthiest cities are in the southern region.

In the Song Dynasty, Kaifeng was China’s richest city. But that was then.

The Song Dynasty later moved the capital to Hangzhou, a city that is now considered the northern part of the country.

Today, the richest areas in the country are those in the south.


Shanghai is the richest city in the world. There is a concentration of billionaires in this city, which ranked number eighteen last year.

The city has seen a boom in ecommerce and pharmaceutical companies, which has increased the wealth of its citizens.

The city also plans to build 49 shopping malls, each of which is 30,000 square meters, this year.

This has made the cities some of the richest places in the world.

Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing are all part of the special economic zone.

The cities are rich in real estate and are home to many high-powered companies.

The GDP of Shanghai and Beijing combined equals the economies of the countries in the bottom 81.

The city is the most expensive city in the world. It also boasts the largest container port in the world.

The cities are a hub for innovation and commerce.

Qin Shi Huang Di

Shanghai is the wealthiest city in China, with a GDP of $602 billion dollars.

It is the most expensive city in the world, with a population of over 109 million.

The wealthiest cities in the country include Shanghai and Karamay in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

In fact, the cities in the east are richer than the poorest countries in the world.

Qin Shi Huang Di

The cities in Shanghai are among the richest parts of China.

This city is the country’s largest and busiest container port.

It is a global financial hub, and has 787 financial institutions.

The city also has the third-largest container port in the world, and is home to the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

These cities are the wealthiest areas of China, and many of the richest areas are the ones you’ve been dreaming of.

Shanghai is the wealthiest city in China. According to Forbes, it has the highest GDP in the world.

With a GDP of $278 billion, Shanghai is the richest part of the country.

The largest container port in the world is in Shanghai, which is the country’s second-richest city.

With a population of 386 million people, the metropolis is one of the fastest growing and most prosperous cities in the world.

The city of Shanghai is the richest part of China. It is a symbol of the world economy.

It has a thriving business sector, with 153 ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Its economy is characterized by mass manufacturing, and light industries are prevalent.

However, the country has many more affluent areas.

You can start by looking at the top five affluent cities in China.