The Northeast part of China has many ethnic groups, including Han and Mongol.

The northeast part of China has a rich culture and was once called Manchuria, but today the region is referred to by various names.

The Northeast Plain, which is the largest in China, is made up of three separate areas.

The northern plain is surrounded by the mountain ranges, while the eastern plain is located on the Song Nen Rivers.

The north and northeast regions are both a part of the same region.

What name is given to the northeast part of China? The northeast part of China is referred to as the Northeast region.

It is comprised of the provinces Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning.

The eastern end of the region is bordered by the DPRK.

It is surrounded on all sides by the south by the Hebei province.

And the northern part is home to the Russian people and the DPRK.

This region is known by a few names: the Northeast, Manchuria, and the Northeast China Plain.

Its most popular names are Heilongjiang, Ji Lin, and Liaoning.

The latter name is the most commonly used today and is often more accurate.

Although the region is a disputed area, it is still a vital part of China’s culture and civilization.